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It is a privilege to support and empower clients to develop the tools and techniques to overcome life's challenges. Contact me today for a free 15-minute phone consultation at 727-543-3235 to discuss mental health counseling and psychological evaluation services. You can also complete the form below and we will set up a time to chat.


I will personally return all inquiries within 48 hours so we can see if I am a good fit for your referral concerns. 

I look forward to connecting with you! 

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Please note: Contacting Dr. Amanda Thalji-Raitano/Flourish Psychology and Wellness does not establish a therapist-patient relationship

Dr. Amanda Thalji Raitano Psychologist Therapist Psychology Therapy Counseling St. Petersburg FL

Please note: Contacting Dr. Amanda via phone, email, or direct message, does not establish a therapist-patient relationship. Also please consider that email messages are not a secure means of communication. Response time is usually within 48 hours Monday through Thursday, with the exception of holidays.

At Flourish Psychology and Wellness my aim is to provide clients with an environment that fosters feelings of safety, respect, and support.

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