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Gifted Evaluations

Why schedule a gifted learner evaluation? 

Gifted youth benefit from specialized educational accommodations to foster their unique talents, promote their engagement in learning, and help them reach their full academic potential. Providing gifted learners with an appropriate education is not just about academics. Meeting the cognitive needs of gifted students often simultaneously supports their social-emotional needs.

How do I know if my child is a gifted learner?

Our world is neurodiverse. Giftedness is a brain-based difference that contributes to this diverse world. This neurological difference means gifted youth have different intellectual, social-emotional, and academic experiences and development. 

Think about your child. If you respond “yes” to following questions below an intellectual assessment may be helpful to determine if your child needs enrichment programming or an advanced curriculum at their school.  

  • Has your child's teacher commented that your child is performing exceptionally well?

  • Has your child's teacher mentioned that your child is possibly more advanced than what is typical of grade-level peers?

  • Does your child complete their classwork early?

  • Does your child become bored and possibly even disruptive in class?

  • Does your child have a strong sense of curiosity? Perhaps your child is highly enthusiastic about a unique interest. 

  • Does your child grasp new information quickly without much repetition? 

An intellectual assessment can help determine if your child meets standards of a gifted learner.

What does a gifted evaluation include?


During the intake portion of the assessment I will review your child's academic and developmental history with you. Understand that there are many different intellectual assessments available. I will select an intellectual assessment that best suits your child based upon your child's experiences and strengths.


During the assessment session I will take the time to develop rapport with your child to ensure that your child is comfortable so I can obtain the best picture of their abilities. During the psychological evaluation I will ask your child questions and your child will complete hands-on activities.

Feedback and Consultation

After the testing session you will receive a comprehensive written report that includes your child’s educational and developmental history, a summary and explanation of data gathered during our session together, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations for school, home, and social-emotional development. I will also set up a time for a feedback and consultation session to discuss the findings of the evaluation and address any questions you may have. I am available to consult with school staff to advocate for children's learning and developmental needs.

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At Flourish Psychology and Wellness my aim is to provide clients with an environment that fosters feelings of safety, respect, and support.

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