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Tailored Just for You


Evidence-based counseling services to address concerns related to anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and problems adjusting to changes. 


Evaluations are tailored to identify a client's strengths and weaknesses and determine what intervention and accommodation strategies can benefit a client. Assessments include those for learning disorders (like dyslexia and dyscalculia), ADHD, giftedness, and psychiatric disorders.

Community Support

Trainings are offered free of charge to groups of parents, educators, and other community organizations. Everyone should have access to scientifically-sound strategies to promote mental wellness in our community. 

Dedicated to helping children, teens, and adults overcome setbacks and experience life more fully.

Have you been feeling down or overwhelmed? Are you a caregiver worried about your child or teen? I believe that with the right support and intention we can take small steps to make desired improvements in how we feel, respond, and interact with the world around us. 


My aim is to make mental health approachable and empowering, no matter your concern or previous treatment experiences. I offer an authentic and validating space for clients, while providing treatments that are backed by science and proven to be effective. I value developing strong relationships with my clients, which is why I personally respond to all client inquiries. 


Change is a constant in our journey. Contact me today to learn how we can work together to make the  positive adjustments you desire. You deserve a satisfying life!

Dr. Amanda Thalji Raitano Psychologist Therapist St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome! I'm Dr. Amanda Thalji-Raitano. I am a licensed psychologist passionate about helping individuals and families. I offer counseling services as well as psychological assessment services to clarify symptoms related to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, learning challenges, and emotional and behavioral difficulties, You can read about my credentials, experiences, and treatment approach here.  You can also call me  or complete the form below for a free 15 minute consultation. I return all inquiries within 48 business hours.

To FLOURISH is "…to find fulfillment in our lives, accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile tasks, and connecting with others at a deeper level- in essence, living the 'good life.'"

Martin Seligman

LGBTQ affirming

At Flourish Psychology and Wellness my aim is to provide clients with an environment that fosters feelings of safety, respect, and support.

LGBTQ counseling
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